Where can I see the conference schedule of events?

2018 IWC
There is no schedule attached to the registration flyer. Is there another site that I can go to to see the schedule of events?
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    Lisa Brown

    Yes, I would also like to see an agenda with times for meals for instance so I know what time to arrive on Friday, and to leave on Sunday
    Scheduling Flights

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    Could we have guidelines about when to make our flight reservations - what day/time to arrive and leave?

    Is Thursday typically just for registration, with meeting starting on Friday? I see a Sunday breakfast speaker -- what time do you suggest a flight out on Sunday?

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    The conference opens at noon on Thursday and closes by noon on Sunday.

    We have AA topic meetings, panels and workshops throughout the weekend + activities & open hospitality room. The sessions are 1:15 minutes each. We have morning and afternoon sessions with 5-7 topics per session. Our topics are chosen from approved literature, 12x12 and Big Book.

    We have four speakers during the conference. Thursday, Friday, Saturday evenings and Sunday morning.

    The banquet starts before the speaker meetings. If you want a great experience please buy the food package and sit in the room with the speaker. We will have overflow rooms with screens and audio for your enjoyment if you are unable to attend the banquets.

    By purchasing the banquet package you save money and have a cultural experience with entertainment. The energy in the room is something to experience. You might be sitting next to a women with over 50 years of sobriety or meeting women from all over the world. We have the UK, Burundi, Canada, Uganda registered so far. I am amazed how global we have become. You won't be disappointed!

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    Will conference begin at noon Thursday with AA meetings, panels, workshops, etc? Or does just registration start at noon on the 15th? Looking at flight times!


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