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2018 IWC
My Name is Sharon Weber my and I am looking for a couple of roommates for Convention I have a Reservation from the Feb 14-18 if anyone is looking for a room to Share Please Contact me 314-719-9035.
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    Marcia Brett

    I have a reservation at the Westin Phoenix Downtown from Feb 14 to Feb 20th. I like to come early and in be no rush to go home after. I’m looking for 1 roommate. I have 2 queen beds. If you would like to share all or part of the time, please text me or give me a call on cell phone. I would consider two roommates, I just want my own bed. I have requested fridge and microwave if possible. If I have no taker by Conference time, I still plan to go. Marcia Brett 863-224-3430. I on Florida time.


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