I can’t find anyone to tell me about my registration in Cleveland

2018 IWC
I have attempted to email a few persons to check on my registration
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    Please contact our Registration Chair, Debra O. with any questions as to Registration payments and/or adding Banquets, Tours or Souvenirs to an existing Reservation. Her contact info is:
    Phone: 602-751-8631 email: WCDebraO@gmail.com

    If, you are not able to reach Debra regarding Registration payments, please call or email our Treasurer, Trish D at:
    Phone: 520/861-2230 email: rule62td@gmail.com

    And, if you still need help, please contact Susan R, Co-Chair. My contact info is
    Phone: 602/427-7916 (Cell + texting) email: reedphx@aol.com
    Looking forward to meeting all of you at the 54th IWC Phoenix 2018!


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