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      The banquet room only holds tables for 1550 women - thus two (2) large 'overflow' rooms with theater style seating including 2 large screens & audio for women not able to purchase banquet tickets. In addition, as we are 'self-supporting,' the 'food & beverage' minimum (Fri+Sat+Sun) which we are COMMITTED to pay the hotel is a huge part of what 'buys' us ALL the rooms for the whole conference: workshops, panels, hospitality, activities, marathon meetings, etc. Attending the banquets helps get us the rooms for ALL 3500 women to enjoy the rest of the Conference! And, it 'get's' the banquet attendee's the WHOLE experience vs. just part of it, ie: enjoying a meal with 1500 of your closest friends and/or getting to meet the women you don't already know from all over the U.S. + some foreign countries, entertainment at the banquets, and contributing to our being 'self-supporting.' Did I forget to mention the food at the Sheraton Grand is 'delicious?!'
      With just 174 days till the conference-just $1/day will buy the Meal Pkg ($160) for Fri+Sat banquets & +Sun. breakfast! Hope you choose to go for the 'whole' experience! In love & service!

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